A multi-day event has been held at Melincué Casino & take

A multi-day event has been held at Melincué Casino...

The new multi-day starts this Monday at the Melincué Casino & Casino. Resort, for the third year since DanielScoutieri won. The competition consists of three first games and a final, which will determine the champion on Thursday.

Buy-in fee is $50,000 Same price for re-entry before the 6th Level can be reached even after late registration closes. Meanwhile, the blinds increase every 30 minutes, with 14 levels per day on the first day. The starting chip stack is 30,000 chips.

Day 1A is this Monday, and Day 1B is 8 chips today, Day 1C, Tomorrow, always at the same time. All ranked players will return Thursday at 7pm for an explosive day to determine the winner.

Players participating in the tournament will also receive promotional prizes for 1, 2 or 3 players. You can call 3465 65 1348 for enquiries.

Multi-Day Tour – Melincué Casino & Resort Technical Details

Buy-in Fee: $50,000*. Re-Entry:$50,000 (up to level 6) Day 1A: Monday, 26.6. Day 1B: today Tuesday, 27.6. – 8pm (14 steps)Day 1C:Wednesday, 28.6. – 8pm (14 steps)Last day:Thursday, 29.6. – 7 p.m.Blinds: 30 minutes Late Registration: to Level 6 (inclusive)Capacity:60 players per day

*Includes lunch.

A multi-day event has been held at Melincué Casino...

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