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Pedro Czaikos wins #69-M in PokerStars New Year Series

Pedro Czaikos Wins PokerStars New Year's Series Ev...

On Thursday (04), PokerStars’ Brazilian players continued their excellent start to 2024. With the New Year series underway, there will be more bonuses and great results on the menu for the day.

The highlight of the day was grinder Pedro Czaikos, owner of the nickname “pmczaikoski” who caused quite a stir in New Year’s Series Event #69-M. Pedro beat 4,686 entries in the $33 buy-in tournament to win $20,022.

Pedro Gusma’s outstanding performance was also one of Thursday’s highlights. He finished on the podium in the #69-H event ($320 NLHE 8-Max), finishing third, earning him $15,352.

“Jonie181” also performed well. , representing Brazil at the final table of Event #70-H (NLHE 8-Max $2,100). A sixth-place finish in the event earned him $11,513.

Check out updates from PokerStars below Multiple Results:



New Year Series 74 ($55 NLHE 6-Max) “KAAKQ” 1. $9,150 $530 Bounty Generator High Roller Pedro Padilha “PaDiLhA SP” 2. $9,048 New Year’s Series #69-H ($320 NLHE 8-Max) Thomas Garcia “TakeZITO1” 5. $8,410 $530 Bounty Builder High Roller Bruno Jardim “brunojardas1” 3. US$ 7,979 $27 Daily Knockout “rhuansanches” 1. US$ 6,226 New Year’s Series #69-H ($320 NLHE 8 -Max) Lucas Menck “mennck” 6. US$6,224 Bounty Generator $33 Antero Goulart “AnteroBH” 1 . $6,223 New Year’s Series 75 ($162 NLHE 8-Max) André Berlanda “99Palanke” 2. $6,049 New Year’s Series 75 ($162 NLHE 8-Max) Luiz Constantino “Giant_Santos” 4. $4,689 New Year’s Series #73-M ($109 NLHE 6-Max) Matheus Schell “@tetaschenll” 5. US$4,592 New Year’s Series #70- H ($2,100 NLHE 8-Max) Lúcio Lima “WizardOffAz” 15. US$4,437 $27 Daily Knockout Raffael Brum “raffael_brum ” 2. US$4,232The Fast 7 $55 Emanuel Maluf “brazil5card” 1. $4,092 Bounty Generator $33 Alan Henrique “alansnap2 2. $3,972 Bounty Generator $44 “g0ntijo” 2. $3,795 New Year’s Series #73-M ($109 NLHE 6 -Max) Elson Borges “batataxpp’ 6. US$3,703 New Year’s Series 75 ($162 NLHE 8-Max) Carlos Ribeiro “Carlos levis” 5. US$3,402 $530 Bounty Builder High Roller Davi Cola “DaviMMaker” 6. US$3,164 $109 Daily Cooldown Caio Risério “clareou0408′ 3. US$3,091 $215 Thursday Thrill Luis Henrique Dorneles ” luisnrd“ 1. US$ 3,027

Pedro Czaikos Wins PokerStars New Year's Series Ev...

2023 WPT World Championship kicks off at Wynn

2023 WPT World Championship kicks off at Wynn

A year ago, the World Poker Tour and Wynn Las Vegas made a bold move by hosting the $10,400 WPT World Championship with a guaranteed prize pool of $15 million. The tournament has 2,960 entries and nearly doubles the guaranteed prize money, leaving an even bolder prospect for 2023.

The 2023 WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas will have a $40 million purse, more than two and a half times greater than the largest guaranteed live tournament in poker history.

But this isn’t just a one-off tournament, it’s a festival that includes, for example: the $1,100 WPT Prime Tournament for the second year in a row on December 7, with a guaranteed prize pool of $5 million. The WPT will also return with the Big One for One Drop with a $1 million buy-in.

It will also return the WPT Women’s Championship, WPT Premier Gathering and the nearly month-long tournament. Wynn Las Vegas from November 29th to December 23rd will be a destination that all poker players don’t want to miss. Let us know everything you need to know about the 2023 WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas Festival.

2023 WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas

The $10,400 eponymous tournament is the centerpiece of the festival. There will initially be four flights, with flight 1A landing on Tuesday 12 December and operating for four consecutive days until flight 1D on Friday 15 December. Each opening flight starts at 11am.

Each player entering this tournament will start with 100,000 chips, and each game on the first day will consist of 10 60-minute levels. Players who advance on Day 2 will return at 12:00pm, which is the start time of each subsequent day until Wednesday, December 20th.

On Thursday, December 21, these six players will once again compete for millions of dollars in a championship final table at WPT World, which will be broadcast live and filmed for television starting at 4:00 p.m. .

Everyone here will be trying to follow in the footsteps of the winner of the 2022 WPT World Championship Eliot Hudon who took home $4,136,000 and the Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup engraved with his name.

WPT World Championship Qualifiers

For players who want to enter the WPT World Championship with a buy-in of less than $10,400, there are many Ways to qualify online. on the Wynn Las Vegas website or other WPT casino partners. At Wynn Las Vegas alone, more than 450 live satellite seats are up for grabs, including the 75-seat guaranteed tournament on December 11.

WPT Prime Championship

After a season that broke WPT Prime event participation records around the world, the WPT Prime Championship at Wynn Las Vegas will be a fitting one ending. The prize pool is guaranteed at $5 million and competition will begin on Day 1A on Thursday, December 7. There are four opening sessions in total, with Day 1D taking place on Sunday 10th December. The first day all starts at 11am.

Players start with 40,000 chips and play until 12.5% ​​of the starting area remains on day one. Survivors from the first four flights will return at 12pm on Monday 11th December, while players who made it to Day 2 return on 12th December for the final six-max table event. Those who make the final table will return a week later on December 19 for a live final table event at 4:00 p.m.

The defending champion of this event is Steven Song, who won $712,650 in 2022 and eventually won multiple GPI Player of the Year awards. A lot of that was down to the value of this particular victory.

Win a $1M WPT jackpot every drop

Even in the age of super high rollers and cash games, $1M buy-in tournaments The appeal is also undeniable. The WPT’s Big One for One Drop features some of the biggest names in poker and the biggest prizes. The event begins on December 18 at 1:00 pm. The three-day event will conclude on December 20, with the final table being broadcast live (and filmed for television) starting at 4:00 p.m.

Since then, several one-drop tournaments have been held under the one-drop banner – $1 million instead of 2012, with a list of winners including Antonio Esfandiari, Dan Colman andJustin Bonomoincluded.

Other Highlights from the WPT World Championship Festival

The first event of the 2023 WPT World Championship will be held at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. The first highlight of the festival. Beginning at 9 a.m. on December 1, WPT ambassadors and stars, along with other special guests, will gather at the Wynn Poker Room in Las Vegas for some cash game fun. Confirmed contestants include Phil Ivey, Andrew Neeme, Brad Owen, Tony Dunst, Vince Van Patten, Lynn Gilmartin and Matt Savage.

The $1,100 WPT Women’s Championship returns March 6-8. December will be the second year in a row

The WPT World Champion Players Party will be held on December 11 for the second consecutive year at AREA15.

The competition won the WPT Season 21 Player of the Year

With three qualifications, Bin won the WPT Season 21 Player of the Year competition firmly at the top of the list. After making back-to-back final tables at the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown and WPT Choctaw and winning the biggest cash of the season so far at SHRPS, Weng has nearly twice as many points as his nearest competitor.

Sri Sangannagari is second on SHRPS behind Weng, followed by four other WPT Main Tour champions – Richard Lee (WPT Australia), Jared Jaffee (WPT Choctaw) , Ky Nguyen (WPT Garden Poker Championship) and Scott Eskenazi (WPT Rolling Thunder).

2023 WPT World Championship kicks off at Wynn

Is it “The Golden Game” or “El Gran Hermano del Poker”?

Is it

Of all the poker content produced recently, it’s clear that GGPoker’s Game of Gold has left the most lasting impression. Not just because the $456,000 bid got everyone excited, but also because it caught the attention of those less familiar with the world of playing cards.

For example, the famous newspaper Clarín , is the most One of the most followed newspapers of great importance in Argentina, he was attracted to this reality show, which he called “Poker Big Brother”, because he associated it with the style and approach for which the participants were well known. elimination method.

Negreanu is one of the biggest stars of Game of Gold.

“The episodes contain many thrilling and shocking moments, organizers claim, and the show aired so far (…) went through many twists and turns before the final winner was determined, although the media also These statements were repeated.

“Excitement, competition and humor. It’s a poker reality show that brings together 16 players from around the world and promises to combine the action and coexistence of the world’s most famous game of chance. “They all had the same goal: to win thousands of dollars,” the Argentinian newspaper article said.

Is it

Latin American League Returns to 888Poker

Latin American League Returns to 888Poker

Latin American league called LATAM LEAGUE was launched by 888Poker and it is aimed at recreational Spanish-speaking players from Latin America, namely from the following countries: Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Best of all, additional prizes are added every month.

4 Sundays per month in Latin America at 20:30 – 19:30 – 18:30 – 17:00:30. Admission is $1, single repetition For $1 purchase (no extras), there will be two (2) FREEROLLS QUALY satellites every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00pm – 9:00pm – 20:00:00pm 19:00.

Latin American League Returns to 888Poker

Abílio Moço wins again at Suprema Poker Series and wins R$52,000

Abílio Moço wins again at Suprema Poker Series and...

Everyone who plays in the Suprema Poker Series has a chance to win big every day. On Monday, Abílio Moço won a five-figure prize after being crowned champion in the 50-H event: R$2,500 HighS 250K GTD. First place out of 102 entrants, he topped up with R$ 52,314.

In another high stakes event of the festival, Event 184-M: R$250 Battle HR 250K GTD, “Isoptero22” took first place in the championship against 1,061 opponents. He earned R$29,288 in victory.

In Event 49-H: R$ 550 Mini HighS 100K GTD, ‘dorfrecs’ beat 178 competitors and earned R$21,113.

View other results:

Event 285-L: R$75 Battle 100K GTD (1,474 participants)

Winner: “BobbyFishhhh” R$11,511

Event 51-H: R$ 550 Omax HR 50K GTD (96 participants)

Winner: “520741” €7,996

Event 284-L: 15 R$ plus 50,000 GTD (2,278 entries)

Winner: “Nuggetsss” 7,048 R$

Abílio Moço wins again at Suprema Poker Series and...

Victor “Butra” Rodriguez became the first winner of this PPF after winning the first race of the MXN500K.

Victor “Butra” Rodriguez became the first winner o...

Victor Rodriguez, winner of the 2023 Palace Poker Fest opener.

The action surrounding the opener came to an end yesterday, Sunday, with Victor Rodriguez fighting for Carlos Sepulveda after a thrilling final table win

Rodriguez proved himself in the final stages of the tournament experience and defeated Sepulveda in the final duel.

It’s a Sunday full of excitement at Palace Casino, how the first title of the Palace Poker Fest (PPF) series is finally defined, and who will be vying for the final table of the tournament The person with the highest bonus.

Fabian Balboa leads the final 16 players and is a strong contender for victory, as is Victor, both with extensive live records – Championship , in Mexico and abroad.

Only one step away from the final table is Venezuelan player Julian Altieri, who finished 18th. Place (MXN) received $20,000and Brazilian Jair Augusto finished in10th place. Location (MXN 32,000).

The last opening table. Palace Poker Fest 2023.

Sepulveda, on the other hand, performed well in the closing stages, taking victory with Rest, pushing Briant Harold into fourth place with a pair of 5♣️5️️ and receiving an immediate response from his opponent Called and the opponent flopped A♠️K️️. It’s a flip and it all depends on the community:

9♥️9♠️K♥️J♥️Q♣️, which makes Harold’s Fives as good as water.

A few hands later, in a three-hand match, Balboa had to settle for third place when his five-hand set on the flop came to Sepulveda on the river. ‘s straight flush disappeared before.

Without reaching an agreement, the two players played cards one after another, imagining that they had completely won the jackpot.

The decisive card came when Victor closed from SB/BTN and Carlos checked the flop:

7♥️ K♥️ A♣️

Regio won He took the initiative to bet 300,000, and his opponent quickly followed suit. The turn showed:


Rodriguez paid again for another barrel at 1,000,000. The river card read:


The bet was 4,000,000, and surprisingly, Sepulveda went all-in, showing a very strong hand. It didn’t take long for Victor to call and flop:

Victor: 8♥️ 5♥️

Carlos: 7♠️ 4♠️

Sepulveda was the runner-up in the first game.

The best hand is the king-high flush held by the king, which exposes the opponent’s huge bluff. The game is not over yet, but Sepulveda is already very weak and has very few chips.

For his “runner-up” performance, Carlos Sepulveda received a prize of MXN 360,000 (USD 20,960), while Victor Rodriguez The winner was crowned with a huge prize of MXN 500,000 (USD 20,960). $29,109).

High point Roller has obtained Day 2 qualifications are being developed today.

On the other hand, the fun High Roller tournament continues, with Day 2 of development starting today, Monday 4th September. A total of 59 players have qualified for the second stage of this event, and the results will be decided today.

We remind you that the guaranteed prize pool for this tournament is MXN$2,000,000 (USD), which can be obtained with a buy-in of MXN$20,000 (USD1,170).

The top players hoping for glory in this event include Andrés Campero (230,500 points), Gustavo Jiménez (103.00 points), José Orozco (233,500 points), Jerson Backmann collected 165,000, and Fernando Islas collected 152,000. , Mario del Valle of Guatemala collected 141,500.

Also worth noting is the emergence of Josafat Cruz who, despite holding just 89,000 in chips, could find a way to move up the event rankings.

Victor “Butra” Rodriguez became the first winner o...

Opponent’s bathroom trip helps Josh Aliye earn his fifth bracelet

Josh Arieh reveals that going to the bathroom with...

Josh Arieh was one of the biggest names in the 2023 WSOP, winning two bracelets in the series. The American won his sixth championship and is considered a strong contender for the Poker Hall of Fame in the coming years. on his old Twitter account em. “On the final hand of day three we were down to three points. Daniel Idema had a few beers on the final level and really needed to go to the bathroom. “I was in the big blind and my total chips The amount was 1.5 big bets,” Conte explained.

“Daniel was at the button and without looking at the cards he said: fight each other,” Arieh said. The Canadian took the opportunity to run to the toilet. The winner of the game The winner was Nozomu Shimizu and the American, who ended up doubling A3’s short stack against Jx in the final hand of Day 3 and betting 3 big bets (6 big blinds).

Read more: Yuri Martins shines in expensive tournaments, reaches three final tables on GGPoker and takes home huge prize pool

“If Idema had seen these cards, I would have been eliminated in third place. Instead of folding, I doubled down and ended up winning over $300,000, my fifth bracelet in my career. ” he explained. Since it was the last hand of the day, Arieh was probably curious to ask what hand the Canadian would get and hit A3 after the hand.

Arieh’s five-time champion also There is another oddity that attracted a lot of people. Pay attention at the time. 24 years ago, the American won the first bracelet of his career in the same sport. This time, Kevin Song Ranked eighth. Song also finished eighth at the Penta Championship. Maktub?

Josh Arieh reveals that going to the bathroom with...

Godzilla DeepStack: The action is back

Godzilla DeepStack: The action is back

In a few days, Godzilla Deepstack, one of the most popular tournaments for Poker players, will be back with a new version starting next Monday, as it It couldn’t be any different.

Tagliani wins The Last Godzilla.

Buenos Airi Casino‘s action continues through Saturday with two tournaments: the two-day High Godzilla DeepStack with a $250,000 buy-in on Monday and the Godzilla DeepStack ’s $120,000 buy-in, which includes four first races (Turbo), as well as day two and a final.

As I said, the start is the most expensive tournament, which has and will take place this Monday for the first time The day is scheduled to start on Tuesday the 29th at 2:30 pm. Here, players start with 45,000 chips, blinds increase every 50 minutes, and can re-enter up to level 10, which becomes The penultimate one on Monday.

Meanwhile, Day 1A of the $120,000 Main Event will begin on Tuesday, with players playing with 45,000 chips each day across 11 levels of 50 game-minute blinds. Re-enter, up to level 8.

Always starting at 2.30pm, then continuing with Day 1B on Wednesday, continuing with Day 1C on Thursday, 1D Turbo will be Friday The final opening match before Day 2and SaturdayFinal, when the winner will be announced.

Technical Specifications

Tournament:High Godzilla Deepstack 250KBuy-in: $250,000Chips:45,000Re-Enter: strong >Max level 10Day 1:Monday, August 28th. – 2:30 PM (11 steps)Day 2:Tuesday, August 29. – 2:00:30 PM (11 levels)Blinds: 50 minutes

Tournament:Godzilla Deepstack 120KBuy-in: $120,000Chips: 45,000Reentry: Up to Level 8Day 1A: August Tuesday 29th. – 2:30 PMDay 1B: Wednesday, August 30. – 2.30pmDay 1C:Thursday 31 August. – 2.30pmDay 2:Friday 1°/9 – 2:30pmLast day: Saturday 2nd September. – 2.30pmBlindsight:50 minutes

Godzilla DeepStack: The action is back

KKPoker sets Diamond Glory guarantee record and pays out R$ 1.4 million

KKPoker sets Diamond Glory guarantee record and pa...

The largest guaranteed prize pool in KKPoker history was easily surpassed. On the platform’s anniversary day, a total of 2,083 players paid $100 in bonuses to purchase Diamond Glory. With another 1,073 repeat purchases, the prize pool reaches $284,040, or approximately R$1.4 million, surpassing the $200,000 GTD.

With so much at stake, the Brazilian put in a huge effort and woke up early on Sunday the third to compete in the Millionaire Championship. Of the 100 grinders who entered the country through KKPoker, no one did it better than “PH Duarte.” When he exited in fourth place, he made $9,225, a return on investment of 4,512.50% of $200.

Despite the green and yellow invasion, dominance is entirely Asian. “Core” won the Japanese tag team competition and earned $31,195 in prize money, while “カバンち” took home the silver medal and $17,943 in prize money. Meanwhile, Filipino player “MickieRubio” won $12,153 after falling to third place.

KKPoker is growing every day and offering bigger and bigger tournaments.

Do you want to try KKPoker? You can create an account now by clicking here.

You can download the app for Android or Windows here.

Checkout KKPoker Brazil’s Instagram Learn how to download the app on your iPhone!

Follow @KKPokerBrasil on social media:

Instagram | Facebook | Twitch| Official Website

KKPoker sets Diamond Glory guarantee record and pa...

Negreanu enters young home game

Negreanu enters young home game

If you were playing with friends and saw a famous poker pro walking his dog next to you, what would you do? Would you invite him to the dinner table or pass up the opportunity? What if the crack in question is Daniel Negreanu?

That’s exactly what happened to the Canadian when, while walking his dog on Sunday, a “suited child” approached him. The neighbor asked if he could come over and join his friends for the last home tournament before college.

The Kid Poker, as active as ever, decided to hold a Twitter poll asking if he really should play. Of course, the majority (89%) answered that he should go.

While I was walking the dog, a kid in a suit came up to me and said, “My friends are coming over to play our last game in an hour.” Play poker before the game goes.” University. I know you’re demanding, but can you come over and say hello to them? (@RealKidPoker) August 7, 2023

Even one of the friends @__ryanz replied to the message and invited him to come with them. A few hours later, Negreanu showed up. Not only did he stop by to chat and playthe young people, but he also brought them some GGPoker equipment, chips and cards, and played a small cash game worth 0, $25/$0.50, which was better than “DNegs” should be low. “Usually play.

In the cellphone video Negreanu captured during the brief home game, he walks around the room asking everyone where they’ll be studying and what their majors are One said he was going to University of Southern California to study life science, and the other said he was going to the Ivy League school Cornell University.

Negreanu’s opponent

Negreanu was impressed by the classical music chosen by the “educated young people” in the competition. He also showed a video of the last hand before going home, in which he went all-in with AK against 10s and 7s. In the end, Negreanu left a story to tell on his network and, uncharacteristically, emerged as the victor… p>

For me, the night’s The last hand was a huge all-in moment…

— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) August 7, 2023

Negreanu enters young home game

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