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Felipe Ketzer among the top 10 of Brazil’s online awards

Felipe Ketzer Takes 5th Biggest Prize at Online Ca...

Brazil’s rise to the global poker scene is something every Brazilian can be proud of and has the country’s thousands of fans dreaming of bigger dreams. A few years ago, $100,000 in box office revenue was huge and widely celebrated by our community, but now that number is getting bigger and bigger.

The most recent results saw Felipe Ketzer (Venom, The Team and member of The Team) Never Standard Poker earn an impressive $1,146,260th place out of 3,522 entrants Two brings the number of Brazilian players to 11 in the Online Millions table.

Ketzer also ranks the top 10 highest winnings at Brazilian poker online tables. His name now sits at No. 5, knocking 2023 10th Anniversary Sunday Million winner Ricardo Nagatomo off the list.

PokerLab’s Edson Tsutsumi remains at the top of the list with a $1,907,034 win in the 2021 WSOP Online Main Event. That score could be surpassed, but it won’t be easy, as few tournaments currently have a bigger prize pool than the Brazilian.

See a full overview of the top 10:

1. Placement – Edson Tsutsumi – $1,907,034 – (Sub-Main Event WSOP Online – 2021)

2nd Place – Eduardo Pires – $1,384,013 (Championship – Millionaire Maker WSOP 2021)

3rd Place – Alex Brito “AAAArthur” – $1,192,806 (Championship – 2020 Anniversary Sunday Hundred Wansai)

4th 1st – Danilo Demétrio ‘dans170’ – $1,187,553 (last). -up – WCOOP 2019 High Roller Main Event)

5. – Felipe Ketzer “ketzerfelipe” – $1,146,260 (Vice President – Venom 2023)

6. – “PORKNOMAR” by Ramon Kropmann – $1,113,330 (1st place – Venom 2021)

7. Place – Caio Almeida “Ez4ENCE” – $1,072,428 (2nd place – Millionaire Maker WSOP 2020)

No. 8th Place – “TheBigKid” by Rafael Morae – $1,050,559 (WINNER – The Venom 2019)

9th Place. – João Simão “galodoido13” – $1,039,982 (Champion – Venom 2019)

10. – Felipe Boianovsky “lipe piv” – $1,036,199 (Championship – Main Event High SCOOP 2023)

Felipe Ketzer Takes 5th Biggest Prize at Online Ca...

Diego Martins traded for AA, but tied in KSOP warmup

Triple All-In, Tricks and Handicap: Diego Martins...

Day 1D of the warm-up tournament was one of the lowest cost tournaments at the KSOP GGPoker Premium in Rio de Janeiro and had the clout to keep the room curious about the situation. The story had an unbelievable ending for Uruguayan Nicolas Zunino, while Diego Martins, known as Aranha, suffered one of the biggest fiascos of his career.

Blinds were 1,000/2,000 and Diego raised to 4,000 UTG. Zunino was on the cutoff and three-bet to 11,000 chips. The decision fell to a player in the small blind who had around 60,000 in chips. He thought for a moment before calling it all in and leaving the decision to the Cardroom team coach.

Aranha, with the same 60,000 stack, didn’t take long to get all-in. The match was against the Uruguayan, who made it clear via instant calls that he was dominating the cooler of the cooler. The player in the small blind shows his cards and must find one of two outs to win the pot.

The flop came and he immediately flopped twice and three-bet, putting Diego in an extremely favorable position. With the small blind pretty much dead, all he had to do was escape Zunino’s last out, but the deck decided against him. On the turn, the Uruguayan quickly four-bet and walked off the table in disbelief. The river came too, giving the small blind a useless 3-bet.

Triple All-In, Tricks and Handicap: Diego Martins...

Smith living out dream of winning WSOP bracelet

Smith living out dream of winning WSOP bracelet

WSOP 2023 is coming to a close, but before saying goodbye, Bradley Smith won his first gold in Omaha/Seven Card Stud Bracelet High-Low 8 or better.

This weekend also concluded Event #87 $2,500 Mixed with a prize pool of $1,023,500 for 460 participants Register participants.

While the race was originally scheduled to last three days, it took Smith another day to join the Horseshoe and Paris from Smith in Las Vegas The poker table and posing next to the winner’s photo earned him a handsome $221,733 prize.

“It’s always been that way.” “My dream is to win a bracelet. Everyone who plays poker dreams of winning a bracelet,” said the champion, who was very impressed with his performance, especially his winning a bracelet satisfied with the way.

“I’m a big fan of hybrid games. I wouldn’t play them any other season, but I’d always play them if I could.” Omaha-8 and Stud-8 are my favorites. I won a tournament of this format elsewhere about two weeks ago. I would say I played my best game in this game. I am very focused every second. You know, never give up. ”

On the other hand, the Latin Armada has only two collection representatives: the Brazilian Renan Bruschi, who 37th with $5,762; Andres Korn, 49th with $4,433.

This is one of the last mixed variant tournaments. 2023 The tournament, though H.O.R.S.E. has yet to define a short deck to show that other modes remain the focus of the WSOP organizers calendar.

Event #87 Mixed $2,500

Buy-in:$2,500Entry:460 Pot: $1,023,500

Final Table

1° Bradley Smith – $221,733 2. Nghia Le – $137,0393. Nick Pupillo – $94,6814. Omar Mohammad – $66,6055° Timothy Frasing – $47,7216° Jonah Sewald – $34,8367° Philipp Sternheimer – $25,9198. Yuval Bronshtein – $19,662

ITM Latino

37. Renan Bruschi – $5,76249. Andres Korn – $4,433

*Full prize money.

Smith living out dream of winning WSOP bracelet

Cangaço Poker Tour at Canoa Quebrada for R$100,000

The first stop of the Cangaço Poker Tour will arri...

In the next few days, the beautiful tourist town of Canoaquebrada in the State of Ceara will host the opening stage of a new round of Poker in Ceara. The Cangaço Poker Tour is full of local touches and big prizes are about to be handed out after its debut.

The stage will take place between July 13th and 16th and will bring more than just special guaranteed R$ with himself allotted $100,000 in his tournament. This stage is very heavenly and very popular with tourists from Brazil and from all over the world. The Long Beach Hotel hosts the first leg of the Cangaço Poker Tour.

The first stop of the Cangaço Poker Tour will arri...

Adney Damasceno is the front-runner for Sunday’s Million Financial Times Brazilians

Three Brazilians Make Sunday Million Final Table,...

Some The Brazilian players took full advantage of the PokerStars tables on Monday (26th) and walked away with their respective bankrolls on the first day of the week. Adney Damasceno said so.

The Step Team pro who controls the adneysantos account took fourth place in the traditional PokerStars Sunday Million with a $109 buy-in. He turned out to be a hit on the site, earning $35,893. A total of 9,488 players entered the tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000,000.

Adney Damasceno made it to the final table with Brazilian players “Kuspe” ($5 – $26,798) and “AAceLion” ($9 – $7,823). USD) was also present with the precious duo. Last Monday (26) The day ends with the decider.

Another strong performer on Monday was Renan Barros “Kenshinznho”. The Flow Poker Team player finished second in the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR [Progressive KO] event, There were 2,688 entrants for $100,000 in prize money. As a result, Renan’s bankroll increased by $10,757.

Three Brazilians Make Sunday Million Final Table,...

The community reacted poorly to Imsirovich’s remarks.

The community reacted poorly to Imsirovich's remar...

While Bosnian Ali Imsirovic recently released a video to clear up some of the allegations against him and even take some responsibility, this fact has sparked some Dissatisfied .

The whole process lasted 30 minutes, during which he can be seen wearing a sweatshirt and glasses, sitting in front of a number of trophies. This scene did not arouse much sympathy from the society. Many felt it conveyed an image of unrepentant and somewhat frivolous.

Not surprisingly, Doug Polk was one of the first to respond, saying he was seriously preparing the analysis >Excerpt from Imsirovic‘s post.

Put Ali’s cheating video together.

It would be much appreciated if you could point out any specific instances of Ali cheating or getting banned during the year.

Check out the cross-references to his videos to see what we found


— Doug Polk (@DougPolkVids) June 26, 2023

“I’m working on a video about Ali’s videos. If anyone can point to specific instances of Ali cheating or getting banned throughout the year, they will.” Thanks a lot. I’ll refer you to your video and see what happens. Thanks.

Joey Ingram also wrote on his Twitter account, though he was a bit reluctant, mentioning only that it was a “fun video “

Alex Duvall reacted more critically to the publication. According to experts, the defendant did not say anything in the video and argued that He could have acted differently.

Imagine Ali making a 2 minute video. Admit the truth, apologize and ask for forgiveness or Back in the poker world. But no. We have 30 minutes of crap. You’ll never learn…

— Alex Duvall (@alexduvallin) June 26, 2023

“Imagine Ali making a two-minute video. He admitted the truth, apologized and returned to the poker world. but not. We have 30 minutes of crap. You’ll never learn…”.

Another person who had absolutely no sympathy for the publication was Will Jaffe, who posted his own The three-minute video questioned the statements of some Bosnians. He criticized him for portraying himself as a victim, and even asked him some questions: “Is it difficult for your brother to make hundreds of thousands of cheating? ”

Ali now

— WIll jaffe (@dankness3) June 26, 2023

All of this is happening in the WSOP 2023 midway, halfway through its schedule, and Imsirovic has not yet attended. The organization has not yet commented on the matter, we have to See if this video is a prelude to one of his other events.

The community reacted poorly to Imsirovich's remar...

Faraz Jaka to challenge WSOP at 10am the next day

Despite complaints, Faraz Jaka tweets questioning...

Grinding for a WSOP tournament is exhausting and , even with good physical and mental preparation, it is impossible not to feel tired after a 12-hour game. The rest factor was crucial to doing well the rest of the game, which ultimately led to many players complaining on social media.

Controversy concerns the start of day two of some WSOP tournaments. Several world poker stars questioned the 10 a.m. start of the event without much break.

Often appear on social media Faraz Jaka in the media once again showed the quality of the game, being one of the most challenged at the WSOP, and their criticism also provided a very long post: “After the first day of competition, from 10 am on the second day The initial reset, from 10am to 12:30pm the day before, was pretty brutal. It used to be that way, they improved the schedule, and now it feels like we’ve gone back.

After the first day, the WSOP restarted at 10am the next day. The previous day from 10am to 12:30pm was brutal. That’s how it was then, they improved the schedule and now it feels like we A step backwards.

So far, if the WSOP is considering changing this, I…

— Faraz Jaka (@FarazJaka) June 25, 2023

What do you think of the 9.5 hours between the close and the start of the next day, the poll garnered over 122,000 views of the WSOP? “Activity?” The majority chose to follow Faraz’s route, against the WSOP organization’s mandated breaks.

This post was popular and several people voiced their opinions. Isaac Haxton is one of them: “Literally, the only structure or schedule I care about is the 12-hour break between the end of a game and the start. Anything less than that, I don’t stand a chance.” Sleep . But in fact, it’s not. It doesn’t matter when we start and when we finish. Don’t worry too much about quick structures.

Pretty much the only structure or timing I’m concerned about is that there’s a 12 hour gap between the end of the game and the start of the game. If anything else, it’s impossible for me to get enough sleep. It doesn’t matter when it starts and when it ends. Don’t worry too much about quick structures.

— Isaac Haxton (@ikepoker) June 25, 2023

Jonathan Van Fleet, “Apestyles”, is another who can speak up and remind everyone that many people Didn’t sleep well after a stressful day of poker. So far, the WSOP has not commented, and the number of complaints on social media continues to mount.

Allen Cunningham – owner of five gold bracelets – is another big name questioning this fact: “I agree. That’s me.” When I saw the 10 o’clock event on the schedule, I was excited and thought that meant they would end early as well. This effectively means that you can play for an extra two hours and get an earlier start the next day.

I agree. When I saw the 10 o’clock event was on the schedule, I was excited because I thought that meant they would end early as well. This effectively means you can play for 2 extra hours and get an earlier start the next day. fail. 2 p.m. is actually more civilized. Bad @WSOP! Bad @WSOP! bad boy! No! down!

— Allen Cunningham (@AllenCunningham) June 25, 2023

There will be more discussion on this topic as the complaint has Information received midway through the WSOP indicated that changes to the schedule later in the year were unlikely. Do you want to rest at least 12 hours between the first and second day of racing?

Despite complaints, Faraz Jaka tweets questioning...

A multi-day event has been held at Melincué Casino & take

A multi-day event has been held at Melincué Casino...

The new multi-day starts this Monday at the Melincué Casino & Casino. Resort, for the third year since DanielScoutieri won. The competition consists of three first games and a final, which will determine the champion on Thursday.

Buy-in fee is $50,000 Same price for re-entry before the 6th Level can be reached even after late registration closes. Meanwhile, the blinds increase every 30 minutes, with 14 levels per day on the first day. The starting chip stack is 30,000 chips.

Day 1A is this Monday, and Day 1B is 8 chips today, Day 1C, Tomorrow, always at the same time. All ranked players will return Thursday at 7pm for an explosive day to determine the winner.

Players participating in the tournament will also receive promotional prizes for 1, 2 or 3 players. You can call 3465 65 1348 for enquiries.

Multi-Day Tour – Melincué Casino & Resort Technical Details

Buy-in Fee: $50,000*. Re-Entry:$50,000 (up to level 6) Day 1A: Monday, 26.6. Day 1B: today Tuesday, 27.6. – 8pm (14 steps)Day 1C:Wednesday, 28.6. – 8pm (14 steps)Last day:Thursday, 29.6. – 7 p.m.Blinds: 30 minutes Late Registration: to Level 6 (inclusive)Capacity:60 players per day

*Includes lunch.

A multi-day event has been held at Melincué Casino...

Jacques Ortega confirmed for final day of WSOP Event 56

Jacques Ortega confirmed for final day of WSOP Eve...

Another Brazilian joins the fray for the coveted WSOP bracelet. Jacques Ortega was one of 14 survivors at the end of Day 2 of Event 56: $500 NL Hold’em Tribute to the Warriors. He currently has 8,675,000 in chips and about 14 BBs, making him the third-largest chip stack.

Of Jacques’ opponents, only Dejuante Alexander has a series title. Two years ago, the American earned his championship reputation in Game 20: $1,000 NL Hold’em Flip & $1,000. Win $180,665. He has 20,065,000 chips and is third with 14 BBS behind CL Ryan Stephens (28,775,000).

Day 2 of Game 56 over 600 in chips over 17 40-minute levels. By the end of the day, Silveira Recife (44th) and Caio Hey (57th) lost all their chips, winning $5,400 and $3,754 respectively.

Contest will start after 2:00pm (BST). The blinds continue to be 300,000/600,000 and the BB ante.


1. Ryan Stephens 28,775,000

2. Yusuf Hicham 22,550,000

3. DeJuante Alexander 20,625,000

4. Ali Alawadi 20,425,000

5. Rafael Locatelli 19,825,000

6. Kelly Garr 19,275,000

7. David Ellisophine 14,850,000

8. William Butcher 11,775,000

9. Lucas Lev 11,675,000

10. Steven Genovese 11,425,000

11. Rajesh Goyal 10,100,000

12. Jacques Ortega 8,675,000

13. Timothy Deering 8,450,000

14. Michael Lim 6,275,000


1. $217,921

2. $134,643

3. $99,961

4. $74,819

5. $56,464

6. $42,966

7. $32,969

8. $25,512

9. $19,910

10-11. $15,672

12-13. $12,443

14. $9,966

Jacques Ortega confirmed for final day of WSOP Eve...

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