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Did you know that GGPoker has gifts every day?

Did you know that GGPoker has gifts every day?

In addition to great promotions and tournament series, GGPoker also offers free gifts to all users. when you read it. The room rewards them with a “Daily Freebie” every time they log in for the first time all day.

To get these prizes, you have to log into your account and find the “My Promotions” option which you can find by clicking on your avatar or in the bottom right corner as shown in the image below:

After entering the arrow mark, the client will guide you to where you want, you have other advertising options. However, you have to click the “Daily Freebie” box.

Another window will then appear marking you as a GGPoker freebie. There are new games every day, so if you want to grab a copy and start playing and earning a lot of money, you need to log into the site every day.

Did you know that GGPoker has gifts every day?

WSOP has five more all-time champions; watch her

WSOP: Michael Savakinas, Satoshi Tanaka, Lonnie Ha...

It’s been a long time since the WSOP started the 2023 edition The show has entered its first month, and more than half of the planned activities have been completed. As you can see here, many of this year’s champions have already claimed titles in the series, but there are also a few others who are joining the roster for the first time.

Five new contestants have joined the group over the past few days, and each has a good story to tell. There was a doubles title, the eight-time champion was eliminated in HU, and Mike Matusow was a little worse. Take a look at the following:

Event #48 $1,000 Seniors

ended yesterday with Canada’s Lonnie Hallett taking his first senior win. It’s not just a win. Hallett beat a field of 8,180 to win his first bracelet. What’s more, he achieved the feat by defeating one of the biggest names in American poker heads-up.

Lonnie Hallett defeated seven-time WSOP champion and Poker Hall of Famer Billy Baxter in HU for the title victory. As a result, the Canadian took home a handsome $765,731 in prize money, a huge achievement for his third career entry in the ITM series. To give you an idea of ​​the comparison, Baxter has 39 ITMs and won his first title in 1975 (!). Baxter’s second-place finish also netted him his biggest win of the series, $473,212.

“I can’t believe it, it’s such a big field to beat, but somehow it happened. I’m grateful, I can’t believe it, I’m so happy. Playing against Billy Baxter and finally going heads-up with him was awesome, what more could you want? said Hallett.

Team “Savakinas” are big winners in this year’s WSOP Tag Team Championships American duo Michael Savakinas and Satoshi Nakata at Defeated 1,282 players in the doubles event to claim their first bracelet in the world’s largest poker series and pocket $95,331. Dollars credited to account.

Can be switched at any At the time, the two showed a good connection and became champions, which is something Nakata praised: “I think we did too. “We get along really well outside of poker, so of course we help each other out when things go wrong in poker,” said the new owner of the bracelet.

Ramon Kropmanns was in that tournament, Jessica Serial was in Final Table Top 10. They finished in 10th place for $6,095 each.

Event #52 $2,500 Mixed Triple Draw Lowball

Nick Pupillo

The mixed game tournament brought American Nick Pupillo his first WSOP bracelet. The player beat 353 players, achieved every poker player’s ultimate goal and added $181,978 to his account after winning the series for the first time. Nick has three tour rings.

Pupillo was thrilled after winning: “It’s very surreal and beautiful. I love mixing games; it really feels like my game. “I was late to the game, but it went well. he said. He was hailed as one of the show’s top performers who didn’t yet own a bracelet. Now he’s changed that: “It’s definitely a relief, great to be crowned champion. “Win a bracelet and I’ll try to win more,” he concluded.

Event #55 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or better

Marcin Horecki

Poland’s Marcin Horecki made history in the 55th game of the series, giving the Polish player the first bracelet, thus creating the history of the game. Horecki achieved the feat after fighting a field of 566 players, beating some very familiar names in the process. The champion received the coveted gem and $155,275 in his account.

Most importantly, he defeated four-time WSOP champion Mike Matusow heads-up for his fifth bracelet. Previously, Horecki also witnessed the crushing defeat of three-time PPC champion and six-time WSOP bracelet winner Brian Hast. Another player at the final table was Brazilian Sergio Braga, who finished fifth.

“As you know, this is the first bracelet in Poland, which is long overdue. Among Polish poker players, I am a bit old-fashioned, a grandfather, so to speak.” Actually I It’s been five years since I retired, so I’m back playing just for the fun of it, and it seems I haven’t forgotten about the game. Cards are as I wish. “I was lucky enough to win a bracelet in Stud Hi-Lo, it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed every second of it,” said the champion.

WSOP: Michael Savakinas, Satoshi Tanaka, Lonnie Ha...

Yuri Martins Advances to WSOP PL Omaha High Roller

Yuri Martins Advances to WSOP PL Omaha High Roller

After a poor start to the 2023 WSOP, star Yuri Martins is making moves. After winning Event 47: $1,500 H.O.R.S.E. confirms he’s playing Day 3 of Event 57: $25,000 PL Omaha High Roller. Currently, the three-time series champion has 1,065,000 in chips and about 21 BBS, making him the 8th shortest chip stack out of the 31 qualifiers.

Yuri will have to show stamina to claim another award this season. He stayed away from the leader for most of the second day. The 9tales star watched on as his compatriots Felipe Mojave and João Simão were eliminated as he struggled to maintain his competitive edge.

Joao was out towards the end of the promotion, finishing 41st for $50,224. Mojave, on the other hand, fell before the ITM bubble burst.

Day 3 begins at 5:00 pm. ET blinds are 25,000/50,000. With 7,245,000 in chips, Chance Kornuth leads with a massive 58-bet lead. Last week, the American won the Wynn Mystery Bounty for more than $500,000. If he wins again, he will pocket $2,294,756.


1. Chance Cornus 7,245,000

2. Dylan Weisman 4,355,000

3. Isaac Haxton 4,320,000

4. Firas Kashat 4,185,000

5. Liu Jiaqun 3,890,000

6. Sergio Martinez Gonzalez 3,870,000

7. Maziah Mott 3,465,000

8. Bradley Anderson 3,225,000

9. Andrey Lyubovitsky 2,305,000

10. Jeremy Oldsmus 2,290,000

11. Michael Russo 2,240,000

12. Daniel Zach 2,230,000

13. Angelko Andreyevich 1,850,000

14. Ben Lamb 1,795,000

15. Jonny Jokimenen 1,785,000

16. Dylan Smith 1,740,000

17. Ayom Maximoff 1,415,000

18. Philip Vizzoatti 1,370,000

19. George Wolf 1,255,000

20. Joseph Liberta 1,240,000

21. Chad Everslage 1,230,000

22. Wang Yang 1,220,000

23. Roger Tescal 1,100,000

24. Yuri Givylevsky 1,065,000

25. Joao Vieira 975,000

26. Cary Katz 720,000

27. Vidur Sethi 690,000

28. Brandon Shaffer 600,000

29. Gregory Nerenberg 525,000

30. Dash Dudley 475,000

31. Quanzhou 270,000


1. 2,294,756 US dollars

2. $1,418,270

3. $989,464

4. $701,522

5. $505,588

6. $370,498

7. $276,141

8. $209,392

9. $161,585

10-11. $126,938

12-15. $101,549

16-23. $82,754

24-31. $68,722

Yuri Martins Advances to WSOP PL Omaha High Roller

Sayonara maintains dominance in Americas room The Dream

Sayonara maintains dominance in Americas room The...

The American Card Room The Mini Online Super Series is over. There were some great games in the series, but none had the epic feel of The Dream, which was the most impressive match of the festival.

With an entry fee of US2 .50 US$100,000 and a US$100,000 prize pool, the space offers multiple departure flights and the finalists were announced after an intense day 2, Up for $15,500.

The man who ends up winning the big prize

There were 25,162 entrants in this competition. June. On Sunday, the final table lasted nearly two hours as all the survivors of the second day came together.

Final result:

1. Goodbye – $15,5002. NightMech80 – $11,5003. Bingo Game Machine – $8,2004. Carcinogens – $5,7505° Vladick Yoda – $4,1006. Gr8ninety9 – $3,1007. BowserTheDog – $2,1508° Chompie – $1,150

Sayonara maintains dominance in Americas room The...

Daniel de Freitas Makes Deals and Wins $102,000 at DeepStack Championship Seniors

Daniel de Freitas Makes Deals and Wins $102,000 at...

After a few months of huge online success, Daniel de Freitas traveled to Las Vegas and repeated the process at the DeepStack Championship at the Venetian Casino. In the early hours of the morning, he sealed the deal in Event 38: $1,600 NL Hold’em Seniors for $102,884.

“It’s been twelve days with no results according to the race schedule. Sleep, exercise…” “I need to study days 13 and 14 to get my first result,” Daniel said in his revealed on social media.

The debate in the game ended with the formation of five-person teams. Daniel, the third-largest chip holder, was awarded a token bronze medal. Johan Lindqvist and David Gutfreund also racked up six-figure payouts, taking home $107,052 and $110,533, respectively.

The Venetian fielded 798 entrants, surpassed the senior team’s $750,000 guarantee and paid out $1,133,160 in prize money.

Daniel is not the first Brazilian to win a DeepStack Championship. Event 33: Gabriel Schroeder won $99,922 in the $1,100 NL Hold’em UltimateStack. Meanwhile, Vitor Coutinho won Event 32 for $74,853: $1,600 NL Hold’em UltimateStack Freezeout.

Daniel de Freitas Makes Deals and Wins $102,000 at...

Lucas Lew, fighter looking to get bracelet in Vegas

Lucas Lew, fighter looking to get bracelet in Vega...

Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas packed 4,303 attendees, Event #56: $500 Tribute to the Warriors, the most convenient, The most open event (another similar event is the opening event for casino workers), which drew dozens of Latinos. Even on the second day, when 654 players stood, there was a good naval presence. But the WSOP gives, and the WSOP takes, so most people pack their bags, but they’re full of money.

Only 14 survivors remained Lucas Lew (in the Portuguese flag) and Jacques Ortega. The Argentine is ninth with 11,675,000 points and the Brazilian is 12th with 8,675,000 points. Leading the way is Ryan Stevens with 28,775,000. The leader went relatively unnoticed for much of the day, quietly building up a massive stack from non-elimination play, and continued to use the power of his stack to push opponents away in the vast majority of his late pots. Then, almost out of nowhere, he was faced with a mountain of chips that he wouldn’t relinquish over the final two hurdles of the night.

In addition to two Latinos, other celebrities also Through the night Youssef Hicham (22,550,000), bracelet winner DeJuante Alexander (20,625,000), Ali Alawadhi ( 19,825,000) and William Butcher (11,775,000).

Jacques Ortega holds the Brazilian flag.

Among the Armada representatives, perhaps the luckiest was Daniel Banchero, who advanced last in chips, shy of the big blind, but managed to survive and win by betting $1,165 Bonuses more than double the buy-in amount.

The next 14 players will have $9,966 in guaranteed prize money, but everyone in the room will be out looking for the lion’s share of the $1,764,230 prize pool, which includes $217,921 and WSOP bracelets are reserved for eventual winners.

This WSOP event will donate $40 to the United Services Organization and other US Veterans groups for which each participant is named.

Event# 56: Tribute to the Warriors $500

Buy-in: $500Number of Players: 4,303Pot: $1,936,350Level: 34 (250K/500K and 500K Big Blind Antes)Average Chip Stack: 15,375,000 ChipsNext Prize: $9,966

14 Finalists

1° Ryan Stephens – 28,775,0002° Yusuf Hicham – 22.550.0003. DeJuante Alexander – 20,625,0004° Ali Alawadi – 20,425,0005° Raphael Locatelli – 19.825.0006° Kelly Garr – 19.275.0007° David Ellisophine – 14,850,0008° William Butcher – 11,775,0009° Lucas Lew – 11,675,00010° Steven Genovese – 11,425,00011° Rajesh Goyal – 10,100,00012° Jacques Ortega – 8,675,00013 Timothy Deering – 8,450,00014. Michael Lim – 6,275,000


1. $217,9212. $134,6433. $99,9614. $74,8195° $56,4646° $42,9667° $32,9698° $25,5129° $19,91010-11 $15,67212-13 $12,44314-17 $9,966

ITM Latinos Top 300

42. Lucas Cortijo – $5,40044. Silvera Recife – $5,40057. Carlos Hay – $3,75488. Santiago Moises – $2,33289. Mariano Molino – $2,332127° Juan Mooney – $1,780152° Sebastian Lobo – $1,750163° Juan Manuel Estevez – $1,578206° Ezequiel Vialare – $1,412210° Felix Contreras – $1,412220° Victor Matsubara – $1,412247° Marcus Borges – $1,276274° Anibal Pacheco – $1,276279° Daniel Banchero – $1,165

*Full bonus.

Lucas Lew, fighter looking to get bracelet in Vega...

The Suprema Micro line returns with a R$10 million GTD

The Suprema Micro line returns with a R$10 million...

Time is running out until another big MTT festival starts on Suprema Felt. Starting this Sunday 2nd, players across Latin America will find in the lobby of the app the different tournaments of the Microseries, a tournament with an affordable buy-in and a guaranteed prize of R$ 10 million.

Suprema will pay at least R$ 500,000 as part of the Mystery Bounty at the start of the Micro Series. The 150 reals tournament starts at 16:00 and the deep game lasts until 20:10. A total of 150,000 chips are available to participants.

Those who work hard in the Micro Series also have the opportunity to climb the series leaderboard and win the world’s top prize R. 200,000$.

Check out other big events on the grid:

09.07 – Event #93: €250 1M Mystery Bounty

16.07 – Event #182: R$200 1M Supreme

23/2007 – Event# 271: R$150 1M Main Event

The Suprema Micro line returns with a R$10 million...

MGM Grand: Marcelo Fernandez crashes in mystery bounty

Las Vegas 2023: Marcelo Fernandez Wins MGM Mystery...

There was no rest for the Argentinian players as they continued to make the final table at the festival in Las Vegas that coincides with WSOP 2023. One of the last to arrive was MarceloFernandez from the MGM Grand Rosario.

This is Mystery Bounty NLH Event No. 34 at the MGM Grand Summer Festival with 1,100 entries worth $500 and placed in the top 165 $467,500 in prize money was distributed among players.

When only three players remained, they decided to split the remaining prize money, with Marcelo guaranteed to win $28,000, the second highest of his career bonus. It was his sixth cash win in Las Vegas (three of which came at the WSOP) and he earned $53,306.

There are a lot of bonuses at MGM Poker today. There are a number of big numbers on the drum, including a $25,000 win bonus and a $10,000 bonus reserved for the final table. @VegasJDub @MMTonyB

— MGM Grand Poker Room (@MGMGrandPoker) June 25, 2023

Las Vegas 2023: Marcelo Fernandez Wins MGM Mystery...

WSOP 2023: Lucas Lew on day three of honoring warriors

WSOP 2023: Lucas Lew on day three of honoring warr...

Lucas Lew is the Argentinian hopeful in the WSOP 2023 Event #56 Tribute to the Warriors $500. Yesterday, the second day of the competition was with 4,303 entries, with 661 still in the elimination stage, of which only 14 made it to day 3.

The top 630 entrants entered the prize pool, Argentinian Franco Gasparini’s K-Q was beaten by his opponent’s A-Ace, and the prize bubble was eliminated.

Santiago Trujillo and Mariano Molino

WSOP 2023: Lucas Lew on day three of honoring warr...

Sergio Braga hits FT in WSOP Event 55

Sergio Braga hits FT in WSOP Event 55

Brazilian fans have a safe seat in the “stand” at the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas. At the end of Day 28 of the WSOP 2023, Sérgio Braga was the first man to reach the final table and take home the coveted gold bracelet. He finished fifth in Event 55: $1,500 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, adding $34,225 to his bankroll.

Sergio reacted quickly at the start of finals day and managed to move up from bottom of the standings, but polesitter Marcin Horecki rallied with an even more impressive The performance stole the show. With a 3-1 lead in heads-up play, the pro stopped every attempt by veteran Mike Matusow. The winner took home $155,275 and the runner-up took home $95,957.

In an interview Horecki revealed that he retired five years ago.

“I played it again.” Very interesting, it seems that I have not forgotten this game. I also got the card. When I was playing in Las Vegas a lot, there were maybe three to five Polish players there. The group now has over two dozen members, and I really appreciate it. The atmosphere was perfect and I couldn’t ask for more. ’ he said.

With 566 entries in Event #55, the WSOP handed out $755,611 in prize money. Check out how much each finalist received:

1. Marcin Horecki (Poland) $155,275

2. Mike Matusow (USA) $95,957

3. Scott Numoto (USA) $66,950

4. James Cheung (UK ) S$47,475

5. Sergio Braga (Brazil) US$34,225

6. Michael Estes (USA) US$25,089

7. Brian Rast (US) $18,709

8. Chris George (US) $14,195

Sergio Braga hits FT in WSOP Event 55

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