“buythedeep90” is Supreme’s Battle HR Champion

“buythedeep90” is Supreme’s Battle HR Champion

In yesterday’s episode 22, “buythedeep90” was the highlight of the All-In Suprema event. He won the R$220 Battle HR and received R$23,982 in prize money. There were 705 participants in the championship.

In the Omax HR competition with a prize of R$ 550, “CokeMachine” won the elimination round for R$ 15,941, while “CUSEQUINHO” took home the silver medal and R$ 6,127 in prize money.

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R$ 75 Battle (1,301 participants)

Winner: “Bonann0” R$ 15,459

R$ 550 HighS (111 entrants)

Winner: “Matite97” R$ 12,427

R $50 Big Plus (618 entrants)

Winner: “Lolyta” R$ 9,222

R$15 Plus (1,715 entrants)

Champion: “mva” R$ 7,894

R$110 Mystery (449 items)

Champion: ” Zé Peba” R$ 7,358

R$110 Warm-up Competition (288 participants)

Winner: “RUNOMESMO” R$ 5,512

R$80 Mystery Tournament (269 entrants)

Winner: “kanguropower” R$ 2,818

“buythedeep90” is Supreme’s Battle HR Champion

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  • This text provides a summary of the winners and prize money from various poker tournaments. It is interesting to see the different winners across different buy-ins and numbers of participants. Additionally, the amounts won by the champions show the range of prize money available in these events.

  • This text provides a summary of the winners and prize money awarded in various poker competitions. It highlights the skill and success of the players who participated in these events.

  • America.harris

    It seems like “buythedeep90” had a great performance in the All-In Suprema event, winning a significant amount of prize money. There were also other impressive winners in different competitions, showcasing the skill and diversity of the participants.

  • The text provides a summary of various poker tournaments and their winners, showcasing the diversity of participants and prize money awarded. It shows that there is a range of competitions with different buy-ins and participation numbers, highlighting the competitive nature of poker events.

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