Diego Martins traded for AA, but tied in KSOP warmup

Triple All-In, Tricks and Handicap: Diego Martins...

Day 1D of the warm-up tournament was one of the lowest cost tournaments at the KSOP GGPoker Premium in Rio de Janeiro and had the clout to keep the room curious about the situation. The story had an unbelievable ending for Uruguayan Nicolas Zunino, while Diego Martins, known as Aranha, suffered one of the biggest fiascos of his career.

Blinds were 1,000/2,000 and Diego raised to 4,000 UTG. Zunino was on the cutoff and three-bet to 11,000 chips. The decision fell to a player in the small blind who had around 60,000 in chips. He thought for a moment before calling it all in and leaving the decision to the Cardroom team coach.

Aranha, with the same 60,000 stack, didn’t take long to get all-in. The match was against the Uruguayan, who made it clear via instant calls that he was dominating the cooler of the cooler. The player in the small blind shows his cards and must find one of two outs to win the pot.

The flop came and he immediately flopped twice and three-bet, putting Diego in an extremely favorable position. With the small blind pretty much dead, all he had to do was escape Zunino’s last out, but the deck decided against him. On the turn, the Uruguayan quickly four-bet and walked off the table in disbelief. The river came too, giving the small blind a useless 3-bet.

Triple All-In, Tricks and Handicap: Diego Martins...

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