Godzilla DeepStack: The action is back

Godzilla DeepStack: The action is back

In a few days, Godzilla Deepstack, one of the most popular tournaments for Poker players, will be back with a new version starting next Monday, as it It couldn’t be any different.

Tagliani wins The Last Godzilla.

Buenos Airi Casino‘s action continues through Saturday with two tournaments: the two-day High Godzilla DeepStack with a $250,000 buy-in on Monday and the Godzilla DeepStack ’s $120,000 buy-in, which includes four first races (Turbo), as well as day two and a final.

As I said, the start is the most expensive tournament, which has and will take place this Monday for the first time The day is scheduled to start on Tuesday the 29th at 2:30 pm. Here, players start with 45,000 chips, blinds increase every 50 minutes, and can re-enter up to level 10, which becomes The penultimate one on Monday.

Meanwhile, Day 1A of the $120,000 Main Event will begin on Tuesday, with players playing with 45,000 chips each day across 11 levels of 50 game-minute blinds. Re-enter, up to level 8.

Always starting at 2.30pm, then continuing with Day 1B on Wednesday, continuing with Day 1C on Thursday, 1D Turbo will be Friday The final opening match before Day 2and SaturdayFinal, when the winner will be announced.

Technical Specifications

Tournament:High Godzilla Deepstack 250KBuy-in: $250,000Chips:45,000Re-Enter: strong >Max level 10Day 1:Monday, August 28th. – 2:30 PM (11 steps)Day 2:Tuesday, August 29. – 2:00:30 PM (11 levels)Blinds: 50 minutes

Tournament:Godzilla Deepstack 120KBuy-in: $120,000Chips: 45,000Reentry: Up to Level 8Day 1A: August Tuesday 29th. – 2:30 PMDay 1B: Wednesday, August 30. – 2.30pmDay 1C:Thursday 31 August. – 2.30pmDay 2:Friday 1°/9 – 2:30pmLast day: Saturday 2nd September. – 2.30pmBlindsight:50 minutes

Godzilla DeepStack: The action is back

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