Jacques Ortega confirmed for final day of WSOP Event 56

Jacques Ortega confirmed for final day of WSOP Eve...

Another Brazilian joins the fray for the coveted WSOP bracelet. Jacques Ortega was one of 14 survivors at the end of Day 2 of Event 56: $500 NL Hold’em Tribute to the Warriors. He currently has 8,675,000 in chips and about 14 BBs, making him the third-largest chip stack.

Of Jacques’ opponents, only Dejuante Alexander has a series title. Two years ago, the American earned his championship reputation in Game 20: $1,000 NL Hold’em Flip & $1,000. Win $180,665. He has 20,065,000 chips and is third with 14 BBS behind CL Ryan Stephens (28,775,000).

Day 2 of Game 56 over 600 in chips over 17 40-minute levels. By the end of the day, Silveira Recife (44th) and Caio Hey (57th) lost all their chips, winning $5,400 and $3,754 respectively.

Contest will start after 2:00pm (BST). The blinds continue to be 300,000/600,000 and the BB ante.


1. Ryan Stephens 28,775,000

2. Yusuf Hicham 22,550,000

3. DeJuante Alexander 20,625,000

4. Ali Alawadi 20,425,000

5. Rafael Locatelli 19,825,000

6. Kelly Garr 19,275,000

7. David Ellisophine 14,850,000

8. William Butcher 11,775,000

9. Lucas Lev 11,675,000

10. Steven Genovese 11,425,000

11. Rajesh Goyal 10,100,000

12. Jacques Ortega 8,675,000

13. Timothy Deering 8,450,000

14. Michael Lim 6,275,000


1. $217,921

2. $134,643

3. $99,961

4. $74,819

5. $56,464

6. $42,966

7. $32,969

8. $25,512

9. $19,910

10-11. $15,672

12-13. $12,443

14. $9,966

Jacques Ortega confirmed for final day of WSOP Eve...

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