KKPoker sets Diamond Glory guarantee record and pays out R$ 1.4 million

KKPoker sets Diamond Glory guarantee record and pa...

The largest guaranteed prize pool in KKPoker history was easily surpassed. On the platform’s anniversary day, a total of 2,083 players paid $100 in bonuses to purchase Diamond Glory. With another 1,073 repeat purchases, the prize pool reaches $284,040, or approximately R$1.4 million, surpassing the $200,000 GTD.

With so much at stake, the Brazilian put in a huge effort and woke up early on Sunday the third to compete in the Millionaire Championship. Of the 100 grinders who entered the country through KKPoker, no one did it better than “PH Duarte.” When he exited in fourth place, he made $9,225, a return on investment of 4,512.50% of $200.

Despite the green and yellow invasion, dominance is entirely Asian. “Core” won the Japanese tag team competition and earned $31,195 in prize money, while “カバンち” took home the silver medal and $17,943 in prize money. Meanwhile, Filipino player “MickieRubio” won $12,153 after falling to third place.

KKPoker is growing every day and offering bigger and bigger tournaments.

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KKPoker sets Diamond Glory guarantee record and pa...


  • This text highlights the success of KKPoker’s anniversary tournament and the significant prize pool it generated, with a Brazilian player achieving a notable return on investment. It also mentions the dominance of Asian players in the competition. The text also encourages readers to try KKPoker and provides links to create an account and download the app.

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