Lucas Lew, fighter looking to get bracelet in Vegas

Lucas Lew, fighter looking to get bracelet in Vega...

Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas packed 4,303 attendees, Event #56: $500 Tribute to the Warriors, the most convenient, The most open event (another similar event is the opening event for casino workers), which drew dozens of Latinos. Even on the second day, when 654 players stood, there was a good naval presence. But the WSOP gives, and the WSOP takes, so most people pack their bags, but they’re full of money.

Only 14 survivors remained Lucas Lew (in the Portuguese flag) and Jacques Ortega. The Argentine is ninth with 11,675,000 points and the Brazilian is 12th with 8,675,000 points. Leading the way is Ryan Stevens with 28,775,000. The leader went relatively unnoticed for much of the day, quietly building up a massive stack from non-elimination play, and continued to use the power of his stack to push opponents away in the vast majority of his late pots. Then, almost out of nowhere, he was faced with a mountain of chips that he wouldn’t relinquish over the final two hurdles of the night.

In addition to two Latinos, other celebrities also Through the night Youssef Hicham (22,550,000), bracelet winner DeJuante Alexander (20,625,000), Ali Alawadhi ( 19,825,000) and William Butcher (11,775,000).

Jacques Ortega holds the Brazilian flag.

Among the Armada representatives, perhaps the luckiest was Daniel Banchero, who advanced last in chips, shy of the big blind, but managed to survive and win by betting $1,165 Bonuses more than double the buy-in amount.

The next 14 players will have $9,966 in guaranteed prize money, but everyone in the room will be out looking for the lion’s share of the $1,764,230 prize pool, which includes $217,921 and WSOP bracelets are reserved for eventual winners.

This WSOP event will donate $40 to the United Services Organization and other US Veterans groups for which each participant is named.

Event# 56: Tribute to the Warriors $500

Buy-in: $500Number of Players: 4,303Pot: $1,936,350Level: 34 (250K/500K and 500K Big Blind Antes)Average Chip Stack: 15,375,000 ChipsNext Prize: $9,966

14 Finalists

1° Ryan Stephens – 28,775,0002° Yusuf Hicham – 22.550.0003. DeJuante Alexander – 20,625,0004° Ali Alawadi – 20,425,0005° Raphael Locatelli – 19.825.0006° Kelly Garr – 19.275.0007° David Ellisophine – 14,850,0008° William Butcher – 11,775,0009° Lucas Lew – 11,675,00010° Steven Genovese – 11,425,00011° Rajesh Goyal – 10,100,00012° Jacques Ortega – 8,675,00013 Timothy Deering – 8,450,00014. Michael Lim – 6,275,000


1. $217,9212. $134,6433. $99,9614. $74,8195° $56,4646° $42,9667° $32,9698° $25,5129° $19,91010-11 $15,67212-13 $12,44314-17 $9,966

ITM Latinos Top 300

42. Lucas Cortijo – $5,40044. Silvera Recife – $5,40057. Carlos Hay – $3,75488. Santiago Moises – $2,33289. Mariano Molino – $2,332127° Juan Mooney – $1,780152° Sebastian Lobo – $1,750163° Juan Manuel Estevez – $1,578206° Ezequiel Vialare – $1,412210° Felix Contreras – $1,412220° Victor Matsubara – $1,412247° Marcus Borges – $1,276274° Anibal Pacheco – $1,276279° Daniel Banchero – $1,165

*Full bonus.

Lucas Lew, fighter looking to get bracelet in Vega...

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  • This text appears to be a recap or update on a poker tournament, specifically Event #56: $500 Tribute to the Warriors at Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas. It mentions the number of attendees, notable players and their chip stacks, and the prize payouts.

  • This text appears to be a recap or summary of an event at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). It highlights the attendance, top players, prize pool, and mentions some notable participants, including Latinos and celebrities. The author also mentions that a portion of the proceeds will go to veterans’ groups.

  • This text provides a detailed account of a poker tournament at Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas, highlighting the success of several players, including Ryan Stevens who leads the pack. The event attracted a diverse group of participants, including a number of Latinos, all competing for a prize pool of over $1.7 million.

  • The text provides a detailed overview of Event #56 at the WSOP, highlighting key players and their chip counts as well as the guaranteed prize money for the finalists. It also mentions the charitable donation aspect of the event.

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