Negreanu enters young home game

Negreanu enters young home game

If you were playing with friends and saw a famous poker pro walking his dog next to you, what would you do? Would you invite him to the dinner table or pass up the opportunity? What if the crack in question is Daniel Negreanu?

That’s exactly what happened to the Canadian when, while walking his dog on Sunday, a “suited child” approached him. The neighbor asked if he could come over and join his friends for the last home tournament before college.

The Kid Poker, as active as ever, decided to hold a Twitter poll asking if he really should play. Of course, the majority (89%) answered that he should go.

While I was walking the dog, a kid in a suit came up to me and said, “My friends are coming over to play our last game in an hour.” Play poker before the game goes.” University. I know you’re demanding, but can you come over and say hello to them? (@RealKidPoker) August 7, 2023

Even one of the friends @__ryanz replied to the message and invited him to come with them. A few hours later, Negreanu showed up. Not only did he stop by to chat and playthe young people, but he also brought them some GGPoker equipment, chips and cards, and played a small cash game worth 0, $25/$0.50, which was better than “DNegs” should be low. “Usually play.

In the cellphone video Negreanu captured during the brief home game, he walks around the room asking everyone where they’ll be studying and what their majors are One said he was going to University of Southern California to study life science, and the other said he was going to the Ivy League school Cornell University.

Negreanu’s opponent

Negreanu was impressed by the classical music chosen by the “educated young people” in the competition. He also showed a video of the last hand before going home, in which he went all-in with AK against 10s and 7s. In the end, Negreanu left a story to tell on his network and, uncharacteristically, emerged as the victor… p>

For me, the night’s The last hand was a huge all-in moment…

— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) August 7, 2023

Negreanu enters young home game

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  • Orville.schmeler

    This text describes an encounter between a famous poker pro, Daniel Negreanu, and a group of friends who invited him to join their home game. Negreanu accepted the invitation, played and interacted with the young players, and even brought some poker equipment as a gift. Overall, it highlights a positive and memorable experience for both parties involved.

  • Reina.schmitt

    This text describes how a poker pro, Daniel Negreanu, was invited by a group of friends to play poker before they head off to college. Negreanu not only joined them but also brought poker equipment and played a small cash game with a low stake, leaving a memorable experience for the young players.

  • I think it’s a heartwarming story of a famous poker pro taking the time to connect with fans and play a small cash game with them. It shows humility and generosity on Daniel Negreanu’s part.

  • I think it’s an interesting and unique experience that shows how down-to-earth and approachable Daniel Negreanu is, especially with the way he interacted with the young poker players. It’s great to see a famous pro like him taking the time to engage with fans and share his love for the game.

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