Opponent’s bathroom trip helps Josh Aliye earn his fifth bracelet

Josh Arieh reveals that going to the bathroom with...

Josh Arieh was one of the biggest names in the 2023 WSOP, winning two bracelets in the series. The American won his sixth championship and is considered a strong contender for the Poker Hall of Fame in the coming years. on his old Twitter account em. “On the final hand of day three we were down to three points. Daniel Idema had a few beers on the final level and really needed to go to the bathroom. “I was in the big blind and my total chips The amount was 1.5 big bets,” Conte explained.

“Daniel was at the button and without looking at the cards he said: fight each other,” Arieh said. The Canadian took the opportunity to run to the toilet. The winner of the game The winner was Nozomu Shimizu and the American, who ended up doubling A3’s short stack against Jx in the final hand of Day 3 and betting 3 big bets (6 big blinds).

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“If Idema had seen these cards, I would have been eliminated in third place. Instead of folding, I doubled down and ended up winning over $300,000, my fifth bracelet in my career. ” he explained. Since it was the last hand of the day, Arieh was probably curious to ask what hand the Canadian would get and hit A3 after the hand.

Arieh’s five-time champion also There is another oddity that attracted a lot of people. Pay attention at the time. 24 years ago, the American won the first bracelet of his career in the same sport. This time, Kevin Song Ranked eighth. Song also finished eighth at the Penta Championship. Maktub?

Josh Arieh reveals that going to the bathroom with...

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