Pedro Czaikos wins #69-M in PokerStars New Year Series

Pedro Czaikos Wins PokerStars New Year's Series Ev...

On Thursday (04), PokerStars’ Brazilian players continued their excellent start to 2024. With the New Year series underway, there will be more bonuses and great results on the menu for the day.

The highlight of the day was grinder Pedro Czaikos, owner of the nickname “pmczaikoski” who caused quite a stir in New Year’s Series Event #69-M. Pedro beat 4,686 entries in the $33 buy-in tournament to win $20,022.

Pedro Gusma’s outstanding performance was also one of Thursday’s highlights. He finished on the podium in the #69-H event ($320 NLHE 8-Max), finishing third, earning him $15,352.

“Jonie181” also performed well. , representing Brazil at the final table of Event #70-H (NLHE 8-Max $2,100). A sixth-place finish in the event earned him $11,513.

Check out updates from PokerStars below Multiple Results:



New Year Series 74 ($55 NLHE 6-Max) “KAAKQ” 1. $9,150 $530 Bounty Generator High Roller Pedro Padilha “PaDiLhA SP” 2. $9,048 New Year’s Series #69-H ($320 NLHE 8-Max) Thomas Garcia “TakeZITO1” 5. $8,410 $530 Bounty Builder High Roller Bruno Jardim “brunojardas1” 3. US$ 7,979 $27 Daily Knockout “rhuansanches” 1. US$ 6,226 New Year’s Series #69-H ($320 NLHE 8 -Max) Lucas Menck “mennck” 6. US$6,224 Bounty Generator $33 Antero Goulart “AnteroBH” 1 . $6,223 New Year’s Series 75 ($162 NLHE 8-Max) André Berlanda “99Palanke” 2. $6,049 New Year’s Series 75 ($162 NLHE 8-Max) Luiz Constantino “Giant_Santos” 4. $4,689 New Year’s Series #73-M ($109 NLHE 6-Max) Matheus Schell “@tetaschenll” 5. US$4,592 New Year’s Series #70- H ($2,100 NLHE 8-Max) Lúcio Lima “WizardOffAz” 15. US$4,437 $27 Daily Knockout Raffael Brum “raffael_brum ” 2. US$4,232The Fast 7 $55 Emanuel Maluf “brazil5card” 1. $4,092 Bounty Generator $33 Alan Henrique “alansnap2 2. $3,972 Bounty Generator $44 “g0ntijo” 2. $3,795 New Year’s Series #73-M ($109 NLHE 6 -Max) Elson Borges “batataxpp’ 6. US$3,703 New Year’s Series 75 ($162 NLHE 8-Max) Carlos Ribeiro “Carlos levis” 5. US$3,402 $530 Bounty Builder High Roller Davi Cola “DaviMMaker” 6. US$3,164 $109 Daily Cooldown Caio Risério “clareou0408′ 3. US$3,091 $215 Thursday Thrill Luis Henrique Dorneles ” luisnrd“ 1. US$ 3,027

Pedro Czaikos Wins PokerStars New Year's Series Ev...

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  • It seems that Brazilian poker players had a successful start to 2024, with several players earning impressive winnings in various tournaments. The standout performances include Pedro Czaikos winning $20,022 and Pedro Gusmas earning $15,352. Overall, it was a day of great results and bonuses for the PokerStars Brazilian players.

  • Monahan.norris

    This text highlights the success of PokerStars Brazilian players in the New Year series, specifically mentioning Pedro Czaikoski’s win in Event #69-M and Pedro Gusmas’ podium finish in Event #69-H. It also provides a list of other Brazilian players who had notable performances in different events.

  • The text is discussing the successful start of Brazilian players on PokerStars in 2024, highlighting some notable performances and winnings in various tournaments. It provides a comprehensive list of players and their rankings and prizes in specific events.

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