The community reacted poorly to Imsirovich’s remarks.

The community reacted poorly to Imsirovich's remar...

While Bosnian Ali Imsirovic recently released a video to clear up some of the allegations against him and even take some responsibility, this fact has sparked some Dissatisfied .

The whole process lasted 30 minutes, during which he can be seen wearing a sweatshirt and glasses, sitting in front of a number of trophies. This scene did not arouse much sympathy from the society. Many felt it conveyed an image of unrepentant and somewhat frivolous.

Not surprisingly, Doug Polk was one of the first to respond, saying he was seriously preparing the analysis >Excerpt from Imsirovic‘s post.

Put Ali’s cheating video together.

It would be much appreciated if you could point out any specific instances of Ali cheating or getting banned during the year.

Check out the cross-references to his videos to see what we found


— Doug Polk (@DougPolkVids) June 26, 2023

“I’m working on a video about Ali’s videos. If anyone can point to specific instances of Ali cheating or getting banned throughout the year, they will.” Thanks a lot. I’ll refer you to your video and see what happens. Thanks.

Joey Ingram also wrote on his Twitter account, though he was a bit reluctant, mentioning only that it was a “fun video “

Alex Duvall reacted more critically to the publication. According to experts, the defendant did not say anything in the video and argued that He could have acted differently.

Imagine Ali making a 2 minute video. Admit the truth, apologize and ask for forgiveness or Back in the poker world. But no. We have 30 minutes of crap. You’ll never learn…

— Alex Duvall (@alexduvallin) June 26, 2023

“Imagine Ali making a two-minute video. He admitted the truth, apologized and returned to the poker world. but not. We have 30 minutes of crap. You’ll never learn…”.

Another person who had absolutely no sympathy for the publication was Will Jaffe, who posted his own The three-minute video questioned the statements of some Bosnians. He criticized him for portraying himself as a victim, and even asked him some questions: “Is it difficult for your brother to make hundreds of thousands of cheating? ”

Ali now

— WIll jaffe (@dankness3) June 26, 2023

All of this is happening in the WSOP 2023 midway, halfway through its schedule, and Imsirovic has not yet attended. The organization has not yet commented on the matter, we have to See if this video is a prelude to one of his other events.

The community reacted poorly to Imsirovich's remar...

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