Victor “Butra” Rodriguez became the first winner of this PPF after winning the first race of the MXN500K.

Victor “Butra” Rodriguez became the first winner o...

Victor Rodriguez, winner of the 2023 Palace Poker Fest opener.

The action surrounding the opener came to an end yesterday, Sunday, with Victor Rodriguez fighting for Carlos Sepulveda after a thrilling final table win

Rodriguez proved himself in the final stages of the tournament experience and defeated Sepulveda in the final duel.

It’s a Sunday full of excitement at Palace Casino, how the first title of the Palace Poker Fest (PPF) series is finally defined, and who will be vying for the final table of the tournament The person with the highest bonus.

Fabian Balboa leads the final 16 players and is a strong contender for victory, as is Victor, both with extensive live records – Championship , in Mexico and abroad.

Only one step away from the final table is Venezuelan player Julian Altieri, who finished 18th. Place (MXN) received $20,000and Brazilian Jair Augusto finished in10th place. Location (MXN 32,000).

The last opening table. Palace Poker Fest 2023.

Sepulveda, on the other hand, performed well in the closing stages, taking victory with Rest, pushing Briant Harold into fourth place with a pair of 5♣️5️️ and receiving an immediate response from his opponent Called and the opponent flopped A♠️K️️. It’s a flip and it all depends on the community:

9♥️9♠️K♥️J♥️Q♣️, which makes Harold’s Fives as good as water.

A few hands later, in a three-hand match, Balboa had to settle for third place when his five-hand set on the flop came to Sepulveda on the river. ‘s straight flush disappeared before.

Without reaching an agreement, the two players played cards one after another, imagining that they had completely won the jackpot.

The decisive card came when Victor closed from SB/BTN and Carlos checked the flop:

7♥️ K♥️ A♣️

Regio won He took the initiative to bet 300,000, and his opponent quickly followed suit. The turn showed:


Rodriguez paid again for another barrel at 1,000,000. The river card read:


The bet was 4,000,000, and surprisingly, Sepulveda went all-in, showing a very strong hand. It didn’t take long for Victor to call and flop:

Victor: 8♥️ 5♥️

Carlos: 7♠️ 4♠️

Sepulveda was the runner-up in the first game.

The best hand is the king-high flush held by the king, which exposes the opponent’s huge bluff. The game is not over yet, but Sepulveda is already very weak and has very few chips.

For his “runner-up” performance, Carlos Sepulveda received a prize of MXN 360,000 (USD 20,960), while Victor Rodriguez The winner was crowned with a huge prize of MXN 500,000 (USD 20,960). $29,109).

High point Roller has obtained Day 2 qualifications are being developed today.

On the other hand, the fun High Roller tournament continues, with Day 2 of development starting today, Monday 4th September. A total of 59 players have qualified for the second stage of this event, and the results will be decided today.

We remind you that the guaranteed prize pool for this tournament is MXN$2,000,000 (USD), which can be obtained with a buy-in of MXN$20,000 (USD1,170).

The top players hoping for glory in this event include Andrés Campero (230,500 points), Gustavo Jiménez (103.00 points), José Orozco (233,500 points), Jerson Backmann collected 165,000, and Fernando Islas collected 152,000. , Mario del Valle of Guatemala collected 141,500.

Also worth noting is the emergence of Josafat Cruz who, despite holding just 89,000 in chips, could find a way to move up the event rankings.

Victor “Butra” Rodriguez became the first winner o...

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