Anthony Zinno charged with theft

Anthony Zinno accused of theft: Strange circumstan...

A professional poker player who won four WSOP gold bracelets and $11.6 million in live tournament winnings has been charged with theft. Most interestingly, the amount stolen was less than Zinno’s usual buy-in amount – $19,000.

The incident occurred on the first day of the WPT World Championship. Mid-Limit Hold’em player and 2023 MSPT Champion Corel Teuma ended the opening round with a decent chip stack and left the table after packing up his chips. On the way to the next room, Corel stopped to talk to other poker players before heading to the cab. As he got into his car, he remembered he had left his bag containing $20,000 in cash on his chair. Corell rushed back but couldn’t find his bag. A dealer remained at the table, oblivious to who might have taken the bag.

“I was just focused on the game, but it was already late. Honestly, after playing for so many days, I left.” “My bag was under my chair. Played so many times in a row It’s so tiring to be naive,” Korel commented to PokerNews.

The tournament director suggested searching for the loss in the casino’s lost and found office, but nothing was found. The next day, Correll received a call from venue staff informing him that the missing item had been found. However, the joy was short-lived. When the poker player arrives at the casino, he finds that instead of $20,000, he has only $1,000 in his pocket.

Corel Teuma accuses Anthony Zinno of theft

Additionally, according to the victim, casino staff spent time checking surveillance cameras to determine that high roller and gold bracelet winner Anthony Zinno’s bag had been stolen. Correll was reported missing to police. Investigators then invited him to speak with them later that night. According to recent tweets, the poker player saw Zinno in one of the rooms but later denied identifying the alleged robber.

There is no relationship between Corel and Zinno. They didn’t know each other and hadn’t even met at the card table. “I know Zinno and Daniel Negreanu, but I have no relationship with this guy. I have never played with him. There is no relationship between us,” Korel stressed.

Weird Stories

Investigators have determined that Zinno took the bag and visited various areas of the casino, according to poker players. However, so far, there is no conclusive evidence that he was the one who took the money from his own pocket.

Korel is not the most well-known player in the poker world, but his honesty and integrity are admirable. Several well-known experts confirmed it at the same time. One of them is respected high-limit player Jesse Lonis. The poker player assured Corel that he wasn’t lying.

After the heated discussion broke out, Corel shared another fact: Anthony Zinno tried to contact him via social media. Teuma didn’t appear to check them before discovering several missed calls from Zinno and two deleted messages.

Anthony has never done anything like this in his entire poker career. This happened in December but was only brought to light now. From a Hendon Mob perspective, Zinno didn’t perform well in the tournament late last year, but he’s unlikely to sacrifice his reputation for such little money.

PokerNews attempted to remove comments from both parties, but the poker player refused to clarify the situation. Zinno took his lawyer’s advice and remained silent until a legal decision was made.

Anthony Zinno accused of theft: Strange circumstan...

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  • This text discusses a professional poker player, Anthony Zinno, who has been charged with theft after an incident where $20,000 was stolen from another player’s bag. Despite accusations, there is still no conclusive evidence linking Zinno to the theft.

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    This text discusses a professional poker player being charged with theft after he allegedly stole $20,000 from another player at a tournament. The accused player, Anthony Zinno, denies the allegations and has chosen to remain silent until a legal decision is made.

  • It is shocking that a professional poker player with such a successful career would be accused of theft over a relatively small amount of money. The situation is still unfolding and it will be interesting to see how it is resolved.

  • It is concerning to hear about a professional poker player being charged with theft, particularly when the amount stolen was less than his usual buy-in amount. The situation appears to be unresolved as both parties are not providing further comments.

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