Vallinas scores two five-figure bonuses, Juan Pardo scores with two high rollers at GGPoker table

Vallinas scores two five-figure bonuses, Juan Pard...

Juan Pardo’s ninth-place finish in GGMillion$ shouldn’t be the only interesting news to leave the “.com” charts on Tuesday night.

Without going any further, “Malaka” himself spent some time in the GGPoker lobby to reinvest part of his consolation prize.

This duck was paid for by35 participants in the WSOPC HR: Bounty Big Dance HR $2,100. Among the four lucky winners is one of his opponents in the last edition of the Financial Times, Kannapong Thanarattrakul, who this time is behind the Malaga player.

Roman Romanovskyi and Sergei Denisov were also scapegoats, as Juan did not want to miss out on $28,525, which was nearly double the prize money for the Hall’s flagship tournament.

Juan’s thirst still wasn’t quenched, so he signed up for the $5,250 Bounty Hunters HR, which was effectively limited to 11 players. Juan was the winner of the HU Championship with $30,215, the only person to do so. Because of anger.

The same can be said for Jon Ander Vallinas, who participated in two finals and achieved satisfactory results.

In the Als Little Brothers, Jon was left out of the Tulip Figure in the WSOPC: Bounty Hunters Big Dance $215 event won by Juan. Joris RiujsOutside of the medal race.

The Mexican-flagged Spanish grinder came in fourth with a total price of $10,297.

Just before 4:30 a.m., Jon’s attention was divided between two tables as the WSOPC HR Conclusion: Tuesday Classic HR $1,050 approached.

The competition is made very complicated by the fact that the 292 contestants already represent a fairly homogenous group with a high quality, forming a selection in the FT Championship that includesJuan Pardo(No. 8, $7,218),Tom Vogelsang(No. 9), Jon Proudfoot (No. 5) and a formidable duo in the tournament. Dmitri Yurasov and the Spaniard’s podium partner Damian “Pampa” Salas

It was clear that Valinas was more focused on the task, as he solved it perfectly and earned a very prestigious win, winning $54,131.

The finals of the WSOP Circuit event are still up in the air, with La Roja once again starring La Roja after HU – against Malaka on Monday night.

It was the turn of Manuel Saavedra, who happened to be the highest scorer in the tournament, completing the WSOP-C #11 NLHE tournament for $800.

Pricing starts at $4,729, which pales in comparison to $177,761. It’s a close call at best, but there’s still a long way to go between the first eliminated 37th and the championship. Salas and Yurasov appear again on the Red Army’s list of opponents.

Vallinas scores two five-figure bonuses, Juan Pard...

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